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Will Ronald Trunk or Bluebelle win the presidency?


My Red, White, and Bluebelle is now available on Amazon. While a children’s picture book in format, Red White and Bluebelle appeals to both children and adults. It's beautifully illustrated by Brian Martin, illustrator of The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter, a Scholastic title and an International Book Award Winner.

My zany, rhyming story is about a presidential election that takes place in a zoo that's fallen on hard times. Children learn about the democratic process as they're entertained by the antics of animals engaged in a madcap election, from campaigns to voting taken to a laughable extreme. Adults will recognize that this story is based upon the contentious politics of the 2016 presidential election. The two main characters are the candidates Ronald Trunk, an elephant (Republican Party symbol), and Bluebelle, a donkey (Democratic Party symbol), who espouses Hillary Clinton’s 2016 platform. The major campaign platforms are still relevant today and are touched upon in a non-partisan, satirical, poke-fun-at-everyone-and-everything story meant to make us all laugh, and more importantly, to help us once again be able to talk politics at dinner without a brawl breaking out.

Please help by ordering Red, White, and Bluebelle, posting a favorable review on Amazon, and telling others about this oh-so timely book! With over 30 million book titles on Amazon, I'd appreciate your support! Thank you!