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1947, the newly released Sci-Fi novel, is receiving rave reviews!!! Check out the excitement below by the renown Doane Perry, Joe Alves, Robert Zanger, and Michael C. Greene!

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For science fiction fans of all ages, Michael Burnam has crafted an exciting tale, artfully interweaving several significant historical events with fictional ones. He explores what the potential outcome of those events might be, creating an absorbing novel of extraterrestrial visitation and intimate interaction with the human race.

If you have ever wondered about resulting implications of the intermingling of two not completely dissimilar species, and how that might unfold, you'll really enjoy this compelling sci-fi cliff-hanger. Suspend your belief and any previous expectation of the "alien agenda" and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is “1947".

- Doane Perry - musician, composer, producer, author and a member of Grammy award winning band, Jethro Tull for 27 years.

"Having done research for films about alien life, I have always been fascinated about the occurrences at Roswell, New Mexico. The book “1947” takes a very interesting approach which I found very compelling. Examining the idea of raising an alien from near birth and watching her grow up kept me interested in her adapting to this world. The story is also set against the backdrop of a very crucial time in US history, including JFK and the Cuba Missile Crisis. I found “1947” reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind; a story about people more than an alien invasion."

- Joe Alvez - Production Designer of these classic movies: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Forbidden Planet, Jaws 3-D, Starman

Michael Burnam’s “1947” expands the unendingly controversial and fascinating Roswell UFO events into a fresh youthful adventure. Burnam’s enthusiasm for scientific detail and gift for invention are woven together with historical events into a series of surprises propelled by indomitable, relatable characters both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. Turning the pages is like watching a movie.

- Michael C Greene - Veteran Television Network Producer and Studio Executive (one of the founders of the long-running hit TV series Happy Days)

"Inspired by the Roswell incident and other historical events, 1947 is a Sci Fi thriller replete with flying saucers, men in black, teenage aliens and the usual government suspects. A "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" of twists and turns of plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. Like the Roswell incident itself, nothing is what it seems."

- Robert D. Zanger - Founder and First President of the Albert Hofmann Foundation for Consciousness Research and Psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to my husband, Michael Burnam,

for writing such a fantastic young adult Sci Fi novel!