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Yeti is a Bear?

Oh, the Yeti. He's recently become a ginormous fan favorite in picture books. This huge marshmallow of a guy, aka Bigfoot, is viewed as terrifying as well as misunderstood, cuddly, and adorably lovable.

Yeti and the Bird, The Thing about Yetis, Spaghetti with the Yeti, and The Boy who cried Bigfoot are just a few of several engaging picture book titles for youngsters. A childhood personal favorite (my first exposure to the Yeti) was Bugs Bunny's The Abominable Snow Rabbit. An unexpected twist on this character is Smallfoot, a Warner Brothers 2018 animated movie release.

With all the mystery surrounding the Yeti, it seems science may be finally solving the origins of this elusive creature. Believe it or not, the Yeti may have been a bear. To read more, check out this article.